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Have you ever walked along the street and suddenly couldn’t take your eyes off someone who looked stunning from head to foot? Chances are you’ll see other people taking a second glance too! We don’t all want to stop traffic but wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel confident, comfortable and just a little bit stunning in everything you wear?

Image is portrayed in colours, style, make-up and current trends. It is about your unique colours, personality, bodyshape and the lifestyle you lead in your social life or in your career.

Are you stuck in a rut and don’t know what colours and styles to choose to suit your colouring and bodyshape?

Do you continually wear the same colours in clothes and your make-up has remained the same for years?

Do you look at the latest trends but are scared to apply them so take the safest option?

Have you got a wardrobe full of miss-matched clothes and you’ve nothing to wear?

A consultation with me will equip you with the know how to present yourself appropriately and with confidence whatever the occasion. Your wardrobe will contain items which co-ordinate and are appropriate to your lifestyle.