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Style is about selecting clothes and accessories which reflect your shape, proportions, lifestyle, personality and budget as well as giving you confidence. It is the perfect complement to the colour consultation.

Once you have both as your guidelines you’ll never be stuck with nothing to wear. In a Style Consultion you’ll learn:-

  • your face and body shapes and how to complement them with the correct shapes, styles and fabrics.
  • how to hide those bodily parts you don’t like and emphasise the ones you do.
  • how to make shopping easier, enjoyable, less stressful and more profitable.
  • how to express your personality through your clothes and accessories.
  • how your wardrobe becomes co-ordinated with items that fit together perfectly without the need for unnecessary extra purchases.

Duration: Minimum 2 hours

Cost: £105 (includes personalised Style Workbook)

style at second glance

After completing a style personality questionnaire I will then assess your face, body shape and proportions. This will determine the shapes, styles, patterns, fabrics and textures you should be wearing and those to avoid. Accessories and underwear are all discussed as these give you your important overall finished look and bring it all together perfectly.


You are encouraged to bring several items from your wardrobe which you like and don’t like and we’ll apply what we’ve learned to see why these items will or won’t work. Sometimes a little adjustment is all that’s required. You’ll go away with a style workbook full of personalised tips and ideas on where to shop and we’ll look at the current season’s must haves for what is needed to keep you up-to-date.